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Area Rug Repair


We at Long Island Carpet do all varieties of rug repairs. We have what it takes to do all small and large area rug repairs. The nature of the damage of an area rug is not a problem for us a t all, we have what it requires to handle repairs completely and effectively. Another thing about us is that we know all rug fabrics and can successfully repair them with no problem. We match fabrics and patterns exactly. Our service was created to ensure satisfaction for our customers and that is what we do every single time. We offer free phone, on site, text and email estimates, free pick up and free delivery for all area rug repair services. Amazing, hassle free, honest, prompt, reliable and safe repairs at affordable prices is what you will get at Long Island Carpet.


At Long Island Carpet have very well trained repair staff to handle all sorts of damages in area rug and ensure we bring back the rug to its original state. If your area rug has torn edges or the binding or surging has come undone we can repair that. We have many different colors of binding and surging in stock and ready for your rug. All binding and surging repair services are quick and your rug will be delivered before you know it. Unlike other rug repair companies that normally charge a lot of money for binding and surging, we don’t, we do all repairs at very reasonable prices. You will get the highest quality repairs on your area rug when you contact us for.


We remove, replace and restore rug fringes: wool fringes, nylon fringes, oriental rug fringes, silk fringes and polyester fringes. They come in all different colors, lengths and widths. We have knotted fringes, short fringes, long fringes etc. We do all machine fringe repair and restore as well as hand repairs. Either glued on or sewed on. All our fringe work is done by our very professional craftsmen. We have planet of samples to show you when you decide to use our services for fringe restore or replace.


We have master weaves to do all sorts of repairs including patching. We have thousands of yarn colors in stock. If we do not have the color for your rug we will dye yarn to make the color perfectly. We pay close attention to problems that come up with the re-weaving of a rug, so that we can protect your rug while our craftsmen work on your rug with precision. Every rug is inspected when it arrives, before any patch or re-weaving is started. We pay attention to the fields for any areas of concern.


If you area rug is a bit out of shape, looks worn out or beaten up or looks like it shrunk, you will then need an area rug blocking. Your rug will be attached to a mechanism that will, literally stretch it back to its original state. This does take some time though, depending on the size, anywhere from 6-8 weeks. It is well worth it. You will get your rug back in a straightened out shape and it will look like a rug again. We sell all types of rug pads as well. Non-slip pads, jute rubber-back pads, installation pad etc.

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Area Rug Repair Services (Residential & Commercial)