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Water and Fire damage


Among other reasons that could cause you to have your carpets, rugs, upholstery and window treatments cleaned you must have them deep cleaned anytime you have a water/flood fire/soot damage on them. Only a little flame close by can result to serious damages that will require major repair and correction. Also, flood water inside your home or even water spillage from pipe could be major concern in residential and commercial areas. We extract the water, deep clean, sanitize and deodorize all carpets, rugs, upholstery and window treatments from any water/flood fire/soot damage on them. We offer free phone, on site, text and email estimates. Amazing, hassle free, honest, prompt, reliable and safe cleaning at affordable prices is what you will get at Long Island Carpet.


Here are the reasons we think you should contact us: We are reliable. We are professional. We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week service without extra charges. Our products are safe, odor free and chemical free. Our cleaning teams are prompt, reliable and responsible. We have over 2 decades of experience. Our prices are unbeatable. We work in all parts of New York and beyond. Through our water/flood fire/soot damage you will be sure of exceptional and amazing service and guarantee your happiness and satisfaction.


We have the mandatory technicality and expertise to take care of your service in a far more professional manner.

Our water/flood fire/soot damage cleaning service includes:

Carpets: Carpeted floors, carpeted rooms, carpeted steps, carpeted hallways, carpeted basements, carpeted attics, carpeted elevators and all other carpeted areas.

Area Rugs: Wool, synthetic, cotton, jute, silk, shag, broadloom, antique, heirlooms, designers, museum, mixed fabrics and all other area rugs.

Fabric and Leather: Couches, loveseats, sectionals, ottomans, benches, mattresses, bed linens, chairs, seats and all other fabric and leather items.

Window Treatments: Blinds, shades, drapes, curtains, sheers and all other soft and hard window treatments.


At Long Island Carpet our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of water damage restoration and cleaning. We have the best team in Long Island that is what our customers say. We use the most advanced methods and special equipment to dry your carpets, rugs, upholstery and window treatments without the need for reconstruction. In many instances, our proven techniques can dry the affected areas of your home or office in as little as 24 hours.


From our customer service phone agents, to our cleaners, to our supervisors, they are all extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of carpets, rugs, upholstery and window treatments and water/flood fire/soot damage. There are virtually no questions we can’t answer for you. If you have a question at 7:00am, we are here, at 7:00pm, we are here, at 12:00am, and we are here. No matter what time you need us we are here. Do not hesitate to call us at any time.

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Water & Fire Damage Cleaning Services (Residential & Commercial)