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Upholstery Cleaning


Your upholstery and furniture could possibly be the origin of the offensive odor you have in your home or office. Getting your upholstery and furniture exposed to dust, dirt and moisture can result to trapping of pollutants which could change the whole environment into an uncomfortable spot to be in. Cleaning your upholstery and furniture from time to time is necessary at it will assist you to avoid accumulation of dust and other dirt but it's not everyone that has the time to carry out such job. So, if you are always busy with work or other things you can call us, Long Island Carpet for all your upholstery and furniture cleaning needs. We offer free phone, on site, text and email estimates. Amazing, hassle free, honest, prompt, reliable and safe upholstery and furniture cleaning at affordable prices is what you will get at Long Island Carpet.


Long Island Carpet is a full service upholstery and furniture cleaning company. We can handle all of your cleaning needs. We cover all counties of Long Island, and have the expertise required to fully clean your upholstery and furniture, no matter what condition its in. Over the phone it is difficult to completely estimate your upholstery and furniture cleaning. You can send a photo via email or text, then an exact cost will be issued. Once you set up the appointment for service a day and time will be arranged for the arrival. The upholstery and furniture will be inspect, vacuumed and then deep cleaned. After cleaning we do as that you do not sit on your upholstery and furniture for 24 hours.


We use all mild but effective organic cleaning agents to clean your upholstery and furniture. Deep cleaning requires the right cleaning products to get out stains and odors. Upholstery and furniture are durable and comes with stain protectors. These protectors help in the removal of spots but do not prevent soiling of the upholstery and furniture. We use a small upholstery cleaning tool to deep clean and then extract all the water cleaning agents and most of all dirt and odors, leaving you with a brand new piece of upholstery and furniture.


We clean all upholstery and furniture. Both leather and fabric…Chairs, loveseats, couches, sectionals, ottomans, benches, wing backs, futons, day beds, bunk beds, mattresses, box springs, dog boffice chairs, office furniture, table tops and all other upholstery and furniture. Also antiques, heirlooms and museum pieces.


We recommend anyone with upholstery and furniture should have them cleaned at least once every 2 years, every year if you have pet or small children. Regular maintenance will help your upholstery and furniture stay cleaner longer and last years longer than without regular cleaning. We offer discounts on yearly cleanings. Get in touch with us for more information.

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