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Bed Bug Treatment


Have bed bugs caused serious discomfort to you at home or office and you're wondering what direction to go? Are at a point where bed bugs are biting your legs or other parts of your body? We are here to fix the problem. At Long Island Carpet our bed bug service was created to completely eradicate all forms of bed bugs in your home or office. We do not only get rid of the infestation but in addition make certain that our customers don't suffer the after effect of the treatment. That is why you should call us when you need satisfaction in bed bug treatment. We offer free phone, on site, text and email estimates. Amazing, hassle free, honest, prompt, reliable and safe bed bug cleaning at affordable prices is what you will get at Long Island Carpet.


We offer the best bed bug treatment in all of Long Island. We do a thorough inspection of what was infested. A deep steam wash is done to kill the bugs. Extraction is performed to remove the bug and any eggs. A deep shampoo cleaning is done to clean the surface and under the fabric. A complete extraction of everything is done to assure all bed bugs, eggs, skin cells and cleaning fluids are removed. You are now left with a clean, bed bug and egg free item!


We use a high heat, deep steam cleaning for our Area Rug bed bug treatment and cleaning process. Our steam cleaning has water that can go up to 220 degrees and is always used to kill any bed bugs and their eggs. There are numerous things you need to put into account while eliminating and cleaning for bed bugs. Hiring a well trained bed bug elimination and cleaning company for your infestation will increases your chance of removing 100% of the bed bug and their eggs. Rugs must be removed from the home or office, brought to our facility to be cleaned and then delivered when they are complete. We have over 15,000 satisfied customers over time. They are what made us the very best among other individuals in the pest control and bed bug treatment industry.


We also use our heating cleaning on wall to wall carpets, no matter the material, even wool. This will ensure a successful elimination and cleaning. We spray and organic bed bug cleaner. Wait 10 minutes or so. Do an extremely deep cleaning of your carpet. Extract everything out and deodorize. We move all movable items. Anything we can’t move we will clean around and under. Carpet will dry in just a few hours.


Our bed bug eliminator and cleaning of upholstery is as intense and our cleaning of wall to wall carpets. We will deep vacuum your upholstery first. The cleaning may take a bit longer because of the upholstery inside. The upholstery will dry usually within 24 hours.

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Bed Bug Cleaning Services (Residential & Commercial)