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Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Looking for a commercial carpet and/or upholstery cleaning service in Long Island? Here at Long Island Carpet we specialize in the deep cleaning of all commercial carpet and upholstery. We offer deep discounts, safe cleaning, flexible hours, safe and honest service. We understand the need to be flexible when it comes to commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. That is why we work around your schedule to confirm that there will be no downtime to your business jobs. We offer free phone, on site, text and email estimates. Amazing, hassle free, honest, prompt, reliable and safe commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning at affordable prices is what you will get at Long Island Carpet.


We realize that your office is where you get your customers and clients for business purposes that is why we are ready to help keep it clean and refreshing all time through our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning service. The commercial carpet and upholstery in your office space needs regular cleaning to maintain its beautiful look and fresh odor. We offer a variety of commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. Chairs, loveseats, couches, sectionals, ottomans, benches, table tops. Carpeted elevators, office carpets, carpeted hallways, carpeted steps and so much more.


We believe in providing our customers with supreme quality cleaning service in their commercial property and building. For that reason hiring us is the better way to make certain complete cleanliness of your office and the commercial carpet and upholstery in your space. We use all odor free and chemical free cleaning in our products. Most cleanings dry within a few hours. Deep cleaning service needs 24 hours to dry. We clean underneath, around and inside all cracks on your commercial carpet and upholstery. We use a safe but very effective stain and odor removal process for our deep cleaning service.


Besides moving having construction done in your home or office is one of the more processes that is not hassle free. You are left with debris, odors, concrete, paint chips and a plain headache. We at Long Island Carpet do a very deep and post construction cleaning service. We clean and then remove all garbage. We sanitize and deodorize everything making it all look perfect and work ready. We will contact you the day after the service is complete to follow up and see if anything else needs to be done or redone.


We also specialize in all water, flooding issues in regards to your commercial carpets, rugs and upholstery. Whether it be from rain water, washing machine overflow, pipe burst, toilet leaking or sewer back up we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We extract the water, deep clean, deodorize and sanitize everything so you are able to open your business the next day.

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